The subject of this photo is one of my best friends. Eel is nonbinary and queer and has found solace in San Francisco’s queer community. For this portrait assignment, I wanted to document Eel on a night out and the expression of queerness and gender in a celebratory space. I wanted to capture feelings of intimacy, comfort, and inclusion.

This piece focuses on the rising and falling of different trends in musical playing styles from 1960–2010. Focusing on elements such as background o orchestral arrangements to an added drum machine, the article walks through reappearances and associations of how sounds became linked to artists and decades. I enjoyed that…

Emmet Abrussezze, 5, of County Wexford, Ireland, runs through the field in Rathnure, Ireland, on Wednesday, April 29th, 2021. Emmet’s family lives on an operational dairy farm, which their family has operated for the past 200 years. (PhotoSarah Eicher/110)

Sarah Eicher

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